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Wissen ist Macht!

Wanted: Students for private tuition !

Are you yourself still in higher education for a Bachelor's or Master's degree or have you recently successfully completed the exams?

Then you are predestined to pass on your recently acquired knowledge. Not only are you still very familiar with the subject, but you also remember vividly what your professor was always picking on and which topics you had the most difficulties with.


Why advertise your tutoring services

  • Your ad is free of charge and will remain on the site until you ask us to delete it.
  • Currently, students and parents are increasingly looking for teachers and students who offer online tutoring due to learning delays caused by lockdown and social distancing measures. Help the students to catch up on their lessons and prepare for the next exams.

What can you help with?

Do you have language or study skills that other students can benefit from? Not every student will find a course offered by well-known teaching institutes or evening schools that meets the individual requirements in terms of subject matter and time.

It may be that students are only looking for answers to a very specific topic or help with exam preparation, for which a course fee would not be worthwhile. Of course, private lessons are also much more intensive and purposeful.

Generate extra income just like that?

No, it's not quite that simple. The competition is huge. In order to convince a student or their parents that you are the right teacher, you need qualifications, experience and/or references, which you should show in your personal tutor ad.

We use the term "teacher" to refer to trained and experienced teachers as well as students and others who feel qualified to offer private tutoring in one or more subjects to others. A certificate of competence is not available to the online portal and, if required, must be requested from the teacher him/herself.